ChodanSazan company produces various types of two-layer cast-iron and steel rollers for hot-rolled sheet, roller and double-layer, single-layer cast-iron and steel rolls for small and large roller sections for food industry and rubber and polymer industries.

In order to value its customers and to meet their quality requirements in accordance with international standards, this company has set up the ISO / IEC17025 laboratory qualification standard in 1388 in this regard, and in this regard, has the organizational and managerial and technical requirements related to laboratory inspection and calibration In the results of tests, chemical, metallurgical and mechanical tests, destructive tests and sand tests have been used to determine the grain size.

Achievements in 1394:

1- R & D Department of Isfahan Province

2- Delivery and proper operation of roller roller of wide plate with a length of about 9 meters with the cooperation of Auxin Steel Co. Khuzestan

3- Launching the largest horizontal center escape device in the Middle East

4- Proper production and proper operation of roller bearings

5. Production of high chromium crude rolling roller with low carbon content

6. Production of Graphite HiCr Roller

7. Production of rolling rolls of ribbed sheets

8. Production of high-strength Uni steel mills

9. Manufacture of lubrication rollers and feed industry

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