Manufacturer of Heavy Iron and Steel Casting Parts & Billet
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Casting Ductile Iron Parts

Manufacturer of Heavy Iron and Steel Casting Parts & Billet
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Casting Steel Parts

Manufacturer of Heavy Iron and Steel Casting Parts & Billet
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Single-beam Ingot

Manufacturer of Heavy cast onand Stell Casting Parts & Billet
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Casting Billet

Manufacturer of Heavy Iron and Steel Casting Parts & Billet
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Heat treatment

Manufacturer of Heavy Iron and Steel Casting Parts & Billet
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  • Ingot Mould

    Various Types Of Ingot Moulds GhaltakSazan co

     (The molds used in the Steel Manufacturing Industries)

    Molds that are used in the Steel Manufacturing Industries were so-called Kookily. Casted bullion sizes and dimensional characteristics depended upon the Kookily shape and the inner surface dimensions.  Based on casted bullion tonnages in different kookily are varying 700 to 80,000 Kg in the Sepahan Ghaltaksazan Company. The different kookily types were named by their inner shapes, some samples are followed by different shapes and sizes



    • Weight: to 80,000 Kg

        Material: Ductile iron                    GGG50

      Ductile iron                     GGG40              

           Gray Cast Iron:                    GGL          

               Compression Graphite Cast Iron CG                      


    Ingot Accessories

        To melt the inside of the Ingot Mould, accessories are often required, which include trumpet, base plate, stoel plate and food, depending on the type of assembly of Ingot Mould and their form of accessories. The melting required for the production of single-shot ingots by a runner or mooring (trumpet) and the main board (inserted into the base plate) into the main mold (Ingot Mould), to prevent the formation of contractile cavities above the ingot and also to consider the melting point Sufficient for shrinkage during freezing (feeding) is used. The accessories shown in the figure are numbered as follows


    1-Nutrition      2- Ingot Mould

       3- Stool Plate   4- Base Plate

    5- Trompet 

  • Slag Pot
      Steel Making Slag Pots:


    Slag Pots made of steel and cast iron up to 60 tons









  • Automobile Press Dies

    Automobile Press Dies : 


        Stamping Dies

        Trimming Dies



                     CAST  IRON



                           (GGG 60  (FCD 600



                      CAST STEEL

                           ICD 1

                           ICD 5






    Automobile Press Dies:

    Stamping Dies

    Trimming Dies


  • Billet

    Continuous Casting Machine (CCM)

    GHALTK SAZAN SEPAHAN Company have a two-Strand continuous casting machine with 6m curved radius. It able to perform bullion casting continually (billet) with several cross-section such as 150 x 150, 125 x 125, and 100 x 100 from some steel types such as building steel, carbon steel and low alloy steel Up 12 m length. To meet the customer requirements these produced bullions, are produced and delivered according to customer length requirements.


    Single piece bullions (kookily pouring) that manufactured in GHALTAKSAZAN Company have as much as 40 tons made by industrial steels with circular, square, and polyhedral cross-sections. Therefore they are produced and delivered to customers according their orders.

  • Mining and Cement

     Pelletizing equipment(Iron Work):

    Parcel Center (Work Pallet)

    The pellets are pellets made from iron ore and other additives that are first raw and then cooked and hardened, and are used to restore the traditional method of producing iron in a long oven or a variety of direct recovery methods. The pellet baking is one of the pellet making units. The pellets required to perform Zinter's operation are placed on the substrate bed of Parth, and the hot tubing required from the sub-particle is blown in the pellets.




  • Generator


    Construction of Power Plant Equipment:

        . Gas Turbine Body, Turbine Blade Holders, Steam Turbine Body

        . Central core of the Hydro Turbine (Runner), Vicitate Gate, Blue Turbine

        . Wind turbine hub, main shaft, main chassis gear box



    Gas Turbine Generator Body (Gas Turbines Company Iran Toga)

    Net weight: 14000 kg

    Material: Ductile Iron GGG 40-3




  • Rolling Mill
  • Industrial Parts

    GhaltakSazanSepahan Company has heavy and Super heavy parts for manufacturing equipment factories . Including machinery manufacturing companies, shipyards,Railway industries and oil, gas and petrochemical industries




  • Hydraulic Press Body

    Sheet, Piston and Cylinder for Extruded Aluminum Extrusions


        Extrusion is a plastic deformation process designed to produce high-strength semi-finished metal products of constant length (solid and hollow, symmetrical and non-symmetrical aluminum profiles and their alloys such as wire, belt, tube and bush) in large quantities and The surface is of high quality and dimensional accuracy. In this process, the billet flows through a smaller cross-section with force. The extrusion press is made up of two main front and rear parts, which are connected to each other by four mounting rods mounted on cast-iron plates. Hydraulic pressure is created by a heliolytic pump. Also, high-strength cast iron and cylinders and pistons are one of the components of the device, which causes the pressure and progression of the frame to be a steel rod that is connected to the main cylinder and The billet grade is GGG60, GGG40 and the steel grade used by GS52 and GS20Mn5.

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