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Ghaltak Sazan Sepahan Company as a specialized and quality group with the aim of casting heavy and super heavy cast iron and steel parts, with the annual production capacity of 20 thousand tons of all kinds of cast iron and steel parts up to 100 tons weight, as well as 150 thousand tons of steel ingots by continuous casting method In a land with an area of ​​40 thousand square meters, production halls were established with 14 thousand square meters. Production halls and spaces can be found in the casting hall of heavy parts, melting furnaces, CCM continuous casting hall, the production hall of super heavy rollers including support rollers, the thermal processing hall of the modeling workshop, warehouses of raw materials and products. He mentioned laboratories ….

تصویر محصول360°با موس بچرخانید
تصویر محصول360°با موس بچرخانید
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As a leading knowledge-based company in the steel and foundry industry, Sepahan rolling mill company has been able to satisfy most of the country’s needs by relying on the technical knowledge and expertise of its experienced people and has prevented the import of special products and parts and as a company The index should be introduced to the world.

The Sepahan rolling mill company was recognized as an export-oriented company in 1400 by the country’s industrial management organization by obtaining various international certificates in order to improve its organization.

This company has been introduced as the first holder of the national ingot standard badge in Iran, which exports about 80% of its ingot production to different countries.

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